Urinary Tract Infection in Elderly

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) in ELDERLY are a complex issue. Important for family caretakers to become familiar with the classic signs of UTI in the elderly. Without rapid diagnosis and treatment, UTIs can cause serious side effects like delirium and can even lead to kidney infections and sepsis.

Patient:Doctor House,Can UTI cause altered mental state in the elderly?

Yes it can. Our immune system changes as we get older, it responds differently to the infection. Instead of pain symptoms, elderly with a UTI may show increased signs of confusion or agitation.

The Classic symptoms of a urinary tract infection (UTI)

-burning pain and frequent urination.

In older adults, this classic symptoms is not the same. Instead, older adults, especially those with dementia, may experience behavioral symptoms such as CONFUSION.

UTIs can cause a significant and distressing change in someone’s behavior that is commonly referred to as ‘acute confusional state’ or ‘delirium’. Delirium is a change in someone’s mental state and usually develops over one or two days. In certain case, if family does not notice early symptoms ,this can lead to trauma or even life threatening condition.


Patient: Doctor House, can I leave it untreated in an elderly person?

When left untreated, UTIs can cause serious problems in the elderly, including permanent kidney damage and sepsis, a generalized and potentially life-threatening infection.

Can it be prevented in the elderly?

We at Doctor House encourage patients to drink more water, this will cause the urge to urinate will become more frequent. This prevents infecting bacteria that cause UTIs from building up. To mobilize elderly people who are sedentary have a higher risk for UTIs. More walks, even in a small area with small steps, helps in preventing UTIs in the elderly.

Ensure Good Hygiene to Prevent UTI

Doctor House also advises that prompt and proper toileting and continence care can minimize the likelihood of stool bacteria from entering the urethra and causing an infection. Frequently change soiled adult diapers as quickly as possible to prevent UTIs and skin irritation. Female patients should never wipe from back to front.


Urinary Retention or Obstruction

Prostate enlargement in ELDERLY males and neurological damage due to diabetes or stroke may lead to urinary retention. When this happens, an elderly is unable to completely empty their bladder and urine accumulates and stagnates within. This will eventually result in bacterial colonization (bacteriuria) and possibly UTI.


Long-Term Antibiotic Therapy

In elderly that has chronic UTI, it may be wise to use extended prescription for antibiotics to treat the existing UTI and prevent the infection from reoccurring. To determine which antibiotic would be most efficient, its best to do an urine test and an urine culture. Types of bacteria are causing the repeated infections and what antibiotics these bacteria are already resistant to can be found from the test.

We at Doctor House provide urine lab test and urine culture test for their parents to help family members to rule out UTI that can lead to severe sepsis.

All procedures to obtain sterile urine for bedridden patient is done under sterine condition and by professional Doctors from Doctor House.

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